Google Fit update simplifies viewing and adding your data

Google Fit update simplifies viewing and adding your data

The Google Fit app doesn’t often get updates, but there have been a few notable releases in the last few months. Earlier this year, Google updated the app so that it can use the cameras to measure your heart or respiratory rate — though only if you have a Google Pixel smartphone. One long-standing issue with the app has been how clunky it is to use, but finally, Google is rolling out a major update to the Fit app that incorporates some “Material You” design elements and also adds a brand new “Browse” tab where all your data is centralized.

Available in Google Fit version 2.61.14 (via Android Police), the new Browse tab provides quick access to all of your health data under six major categories: “Activity”, “Body measurements”, “Vitals”, “Nutrition”, “Sleep”, and “Cycle tracking”. Meanwhile, the search bar at the top lets you search for a certain type of data.


The Browse tab is a much better way of organizing data than the cards on the home page and the floating action button. The previous design made it difficult to access or add data in the Google Fit app. I know from experience that it was a frustrating endeavor to even try to find the sleep tracking data from my Google Nest Hub and that looking for my other health data was equally as annoying. The old way of adding health data still exists in the Google Fit, but it’s more of  a quick way to add some basic information. To add more detailed info, you go to the Browse tab.

Within the new Browse tab, you can add more detailed information than before. Adding activity data is a lot simpler, too, with many of the rectangular boxes being replaced by simple input fields. You can also add more information to your vitals like blood glucose, oxygen saturation, and body temperature from within Google Fit. You no longer need a Pixel to input heart rate data, though you’ll have to manually add it every time that you want your heart rate in Fit. You can also view calorie consumption and hydration details, and there’s also now a menstrual cycle tracker that allows you to input a specific flow level for each day, though there’s no data tracking for any other types of information in the app.

The update to Google Fit 2.61.14 is rolling out through the Google Play Store now, but if it’s not available on your device yet, you can sideload the app from APKMirror.

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