Google Fit update revamps the activity overview, adds new WearOS tiles, and more

Google Fit update revamps the activity overview, adds new WearOS tiles, and more

Google’s fitness tracking app Google Fit last received a redesign back in 2018, when the company rolled out a new all-white Material Theme for the app with a couple of new features. Since then, the app hasn’t seen many design changes, other than the addition of a new dark mode and sleep charts last year. As per a recent report from Android Police, Google is now rolling out a new design for the activity overview in the app, along with new Wear OS Tiles, and more.

The design changes were recently announced by the company in a post on the Wear OS support forums which details all the changes that will make their way over to Google Fit in the coming week. As per the post, Google is bringing the step counter in the app back to the forefront, which was previously sidelined in favor of Heart Points and Move Minutes in the previous redesign. While the Heart Points metric still retains priority on the app, it’s now accompanied by the step counter in a circular graph instead of the Move Minutes metric. Move Minutes has now been moved next to the calorie and distance measurements and all of these changes are accompanied by subtle redesigns to the text and colors. All these changes are expected to make data more visible to users.


With the redesign, Google is also improving the Heart Point measurements and has added more extensive tracking and guides to help users reach the 150 points per week that has been recommended by the American Heart Association and the World Health Organization. However, this change is currently limited to iOS and Wear OS devices with no information from the company regarding the Android rollout. In terms of Wear OS enhancements, Google Fit is adding two new Tiles — one for starting a workout with a tap and the other for checking your daily/weekly progress. The new Tiles will join the existing activity graph in the app. Google has already started rolling out these changes to the app, but it will take close to a week for them to reach all users. In case you’re not on the latest version of Google Fit, you can download the update from the Play Store link below to check if the redesign is available for you.

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