Google Fit on Wear OS is starting to automatically detect when a workout has finished

Google Fit on Wear OS is starting to automatically detect when a workout has finished

Google Fit for Wear OS is gaining a new ability that addresses a common pain point faced by many users: forgetting to end a workout session. Earlier, if you started recording your workout and didn’t end it manually, Google Fit would go on recording everything as though you were still doing your workout and thus mess up your activity data. But now, it’s getting smarter.

As spotted by Reddit user ayyndrew, Google Fit for Wear OS is now able to detect when you are finished with your workout activity. If you forget to end your workout, it will no longer keep recording your activity — which was the case before this feature rolled out. Instead, it will show a prompt on your smartwatch telling you to stop your workout session. It even sends haptic feedback to remind the user to finish their session, according to Redditor Zwiada.

Google Fit for Wear OS workout finish detection

Credits: /u/ayyndrew

It’s unclear if the new feature came as part of a new update to the Google Fit or was a server-side switch. But going by the Reddit thread’s user responses, it looks like it seems to be widely available. It’s a welcome quality-of-life addition that’s sure to improve the user experience of Wear OS users.

Google Fit for Wear OS received a big face-lift in November last year, which brought a revamped UI and some much-needed features. Some of the major changes in the new update include new tiles that make it easier to start workouts, the ability to set workout goals right from your smartwatch, pace alerts while you’re running, a Touch Lock button to prevent accidental touch inputs, a new Breathe Tile for guided breathing sessions, and so on.

At the same time, the new update also removed a useful feature: advanced strength training tracking, which allowed users to automatically track individual reps along with rest periods between sets.

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