Google for Jobs is Now Available in English on Desktop and Mobile

Google for Jobs is Now Available in English on Desktop and Mobile

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Google has built some amazing search technology over the years. Couple that with their new machine learning neural networks and they’re able to understand a degree of natural language that can be applied to areas in which they had tried before. At Google I/O earlier this year, the company announced they would be attempting to tackle the headache involved in searching for a job online. Now, that project is available in its first form.

Both potential employees as well as employers seeking help have expressed the issues they have with current job search platforms. Employers say they have difficulty filling spots and sometimes this is a result of not being able to find the right person for the job. Alternatively, many job seekers say they can’t find a job they’re looking for and the ones they do find just aren’t the right fit for them. This isn’t helped by the fact that job listings are spread across the web, newspapers, and simple help wanted signs.

Google stated they wanted to try and solve this issue and have been collaborating with the job matching industry so they can better understand the whole process. This includes Google for Jobs using the new Cloud Jobs API, jobs boards, and even other job matching websites and applications. Google feels they have done enough work for the initial release of the project and have made the platform available for job seekers who speak English.

Google for Jobs is available on both desktop as well as mobile devices, and you simply have to search for “jobs near me,” “teaching jobs,” or other similar job-seeking queries within a Google search. If everything goes according to plan, this will result in you seeing in-depth job results that you can explore right from your phone or desktop PC. You’ll then be given details such as commute time, job specialties, work hours, reviews, ratings, and more.

Source: Google