Google Glass Enterprise Edition is Official, Available to Partners of Google

Google Glass Enterprise Edition is Official, Available to Partners of Google

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Google Glass was a unique, bold experiment from Google’s moonshot division that debuted back in 2013. They were expensive (at $1,500 a piece), fairly uncomfortable, and deemed invasive to anyone’s privacy as they had the potential to record video and take photos with minimal effort, and with no clear indication. The term ‘Glassholes’ was coined for those who were wearing these augmented glasses as many would refuse to take them off for various reasons.

Many of Google’s moonshots simply do not see the light of day but Google Glass was different as they were inviting select people online to buy one of their own. The device was still in its experimental phase and early customers were nothing more than beta testers. As the project evolved, Google figured out they could be great for the enterprise market with Boeing being one of their earliest testers. These employees used were able to do intricate wire-framing work better than normal thanks to the help of Google Glass.

So Google began to shift their focus on making Google Glass a consumer product and more of an enterprise device. When this happened, Google themselves went virtually silent on the device and many felt the entire project was dead. Then we started seeing tidbits of information about the wearable being alive with the name ‘Enterprise Edition’ being uncovered by 9to5Google back in 2015 only to be confirmed by Google themselves a year later.

Today, the company has officially announced the product, Glass Enterprise Edition, and says it is finally available to all of their network of expert partners. Improvements over the explorer edition include the ability to attach itself to a wide range of safety glasses and face-shields, a faster CPU, an 8MP camera, a better WiFi module, and 8 hours of battery life. Product Manager Jay Kothari says it is no longer an experiment and is in full production with their network of partners.

Source: Google