Google’s Former Head of Android Platform Security is now working on Fuchsia

Google’s Former Head of Android Platform Security is now working on Fuchsia

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While most of us are focused on Google’s Android operating system, Google has quietly been working on another operating system called Fuchsia. We’ve seen it slowly progress over the years to the point where it can actually be installed on existing hardware—namely, the Google Pixelbook. We have a lot to learn about the fledgling OS and what Google plans to do with it, so we’re keeping up with every little piece of information that we can learn about the OS. Some big news regarding Fuchsia’s future has been unveiled today, but it’s not about the OS itself. Rather, it’s about the people who are shaping it.

Today, Nick Kralevich, Google’s Head of Android Platform Security for 9 years, has announced that he is no longer working on Android. Instead, he has shifted his focus towards Fuchsia. He is succeeded by Rene Mayrhofer on the Android Platform Security team.

The ThreatPost article quoted in his farewell mentions how Google has closed the gap between itself and Apple in regards to security on its mobile OS. With new initiatives like the Android Enterprise Recommended program which will ensure that certified smartphones remain up-to-date on security patches, we can look forward to a future of more secure Android smartphones.

As for Fuchsia, what exactly this personnel change means for its future is something we can’t really predict, but regardless it is clear that Google is putting together a team of really talented people to oversee its creation. We hope that as time goes by, we will see more functional versions of the OS on usable hardware, so we can really get a taste of what it will offer. Whether or not it will be the rumored successor to Android is something that only time will tell. For now, I think Android, and Fuchsia, are in good hands.