Google Hires Essential’s Liron Damir as Head of UX on Google Home Products

Google Hires Essential’s Liron Damir as Head of UX on Google Home Products

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Google has been getting more serious each passing year when it comes to its newly formed hardware division. The company has had huge success with its Chromecast device, and has since started expanding into smartphones, and most recently a couple of connected home products. Granted, they did lose the head of the Pixel division back in April, but this week it has been announced that Liron Damir has been hired to lead the user experience team of those connected home products.

Right now, this includes the Chromecast, Google Home connected speaker, and the Google WiFi mesh network devices. Chromecast and Google WiFi are both very user friendly devices but many feel Google Home could use some improvements when it comes to what the device can and cannot do (and how to get it to do certain things). Mr. Damir will be working on all of these products (and any new ones as well) though, so we should see some interesting changes in the future.

For those who aren’t aware, Liron Damir has worked at a number of high profile jobs in the past. The man was the former lead designer at HP and worked on webOS before it was acquired by LG. He then continued his work at LG for a little bit and then got hired as the lead designer at Pebble as well. He was then picked up by Andy Rubin’s own Essential and worked as the head of user experience for the entire company.

So now he has been hired at Google and will be in charge of the company’s user experience team for all of their Google home products. This will allow him to work on a wide variety of different devices and each of them have their own ways to interact with them. Google Home is controlled by voice, Chromecast devices have their controls handled via a phone and Google WiFi has a companion application but is supposed to automate everything so there’s little to no reason to even use the application.

Source: Variety