Google Home 2.15 rolls out with new UI and features announced at ‘Made by Google 2019’

Google Home 2.15 rolls out with new UI and features announced at ‘Made by Google 2019’

The Google Pixel 4 and the Google Pixel 4 XL were the highlights of the Made by Google 2019 event, but they weren’t the only releases. Google also took the opportunity to release the Google Pixelbook Go, the Google Nest Mini, the Google Nest WiFi, and the new Google Pixel Buds. On the software side for its ecosystem products, Google also teased a new UI for the Google Home app, giving it a cleaner and simpler look, as well as showing off a new Home Feed that will show a recap of the events from your Nest devices. This new UI and new features are finally rolling out with Google Home v2.15.


The latest update to Google Home, in the form of v2.15, cleans up the landing interface by getting rid of the “Add” button and using new icons for the others. The tabs on the bottom now point to Home and Discover, as the account switcher has been shifted to the top right, complete with the swipe down gesture for quicker switching. The Discover cards also come with different color backgrounds instead of the simple white backgrounds in earlier versions. The Home App’s Settings now come with two additions, Notification Settings, and Home History.

In addition to this, some users have the Play button on the Google Home landing screen replaced with a Media button, as reported by AndroidPolice. If you do get the Media button, you also get the new Cast UI with large album art and media controls, as was leaked earlier. The above image gallery showcases the older Cast UI still being present on the new app version, so the rollout for this feature is likely controlled by a server-side switch.

If you would like to try out the new UI, you can wait for the update to reach you through the Google Play Store. The new Google Home APK has not yet made its way to APKMirror yet, but once it does, you can also sideload it easily onto your device.

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With additional inputs: AndroidPolice

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