Google Home app rolls out presence sensing and Home & Away routines

Google Home app rolls out presence sensing and Home & Away routines

Back in September, we got an early look at the arrival of two Nest features coming to the Google Home app: setting up Home & Away Routines and activating home presence sensing. Now, these new features are rolling out widely to the Google Home app on Android (via 9to5Google).

With Home & Away Routines enabled in the Google Home app, tasks can be automated when users leave or arrive at a specified location. Say, for example, you get home, the Home & Away Routines can automatically turn on smart home devices such as lights, the thermostat, and indoor cameras. All of these actions can occur simultaneously, so you don’t have to manually trigger them one by one. Do that multiple times per week and you can save yourself a lot of time.


Multiple phones can be added to support the presence sensing feature in the Google Home app. It makes sense for situations when the thermostat needs to be set to a certain temperature when everyone is home. Or, say, everyone in your household leaves, your thermostat can automatically go into eco mode. Home & Away Routines and presence sensing features in the Google Home app can be triggered using a cellular or WiFi connection to determine if a device has crossed a virtual geofence.

Once the features go live in the Google Home app, users will be prompted to setup Home & Away Routines. There are endless possibilities, and the nice thing is that you can tailor your routines exactly the way you want them, like turning on/off lights, setting a certain temperature, or disable cameras. Once your routines are setup, you will no longer have to manually trigger them before you leave or when you get home, which takes a lot of friction out of owning smart home devices in the first place.

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