/u/matha_ric Google Home app is rolling out a sunset/sunrise Assistant routine trigger for some

Google Home app is rolling out a sunset/sunrise Assistant routine trigger for some

Earlier this month, Google started rolling out a new feature in the Google Home app that lets users add shortcuts for Google Assistant routines to their home screen. At the time, the new feature was only available for a handful of users. But over the last few weeks, Google has rolled it out more widely, and most users should see the new add to home screen shortcut in the Routines setup window. Now, Google has started testing another new feature for Google Assistant routines that lets users select sunset/sunrise as triggers for any routine.

According to a recent post from Reddit user u/matha_ric, the new sunset/sunrise trigger is available in the latest beta release of the Google Home app (v2.35.1.5), and it comes with an updated UI for the routine triggers. As you can see in the attached screenshots, the updated UI now lists three options to trigger a routine — Voice command, Time, and Sunrise/sunset.


The Voice command trigger lets you start your routine with a custom voice command, the Time trigger lets you start your routine at a specified time, and the Sunrise/sunset trigger lets you start your routine based on the sunrise/sunset time at a specified location.

Tapping on the Sunrise/sunset option opens up a new screen that lets you pick Sunrise or Sunset as the routine trigger. Selecting either of the two options opens a customization screen where you can select the sunrise/sunset location, choose a specific timeframe for the trigger based on the sunrise/sunset at a specified location, like 5 minutes before sunset or 4 hours after sunrise, select the days of the week on which you want the routine to trigger based on the sunrise/sunset, and options to select the device on which you want to run the routine and enable/disable notifications for the routine.

As of now, the new UI and sunrise/sunset Assistant routine trigger only seems to be available for a handful of users on the latest Google Home beta. We’ll update this post once the feature starts rolling out to users on the stable channel.

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