Google Home Can Finally Read you Step-by-Step Recipe Instructions

Google Home Can Finally Read you Step-by-Step Recipe Instructions

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When I first purchased my Google Home device, I was initially disappointed by how lacking the official integrations were. Although the list of available services has grown over time, many basic features involving communicating with your smartphone, adding calendar events, or reading recipes were missing. Today, however, the latter of these missing features is finally making its way to your Google Home – the ability to read step-by-step cooking instructions.

In a blog post published today, Google announced that they’re partnering with recipe services from Bon AppetitThe New York TimesFood Network, and more in order to bring you cooking instructions for over 5 million recipes. All you have to do is find your recipe using the Google Assistant or through a Google search on your phone and select the “Send to Google Home” button. Then, you can start following the directions by saying “OK Google, start cooking” or “OK Google, start recipe.” If you miss a step you can say “OK Google, repeat” or if you want to go back to a previous step you can say “OK Google, what’s step two?”

The feature will be rolling out within the coming week. Google did not specify whether or not this feature will roll out to Google Home users within the U.K. at this time, but we’re hoping that our friends in the U.K. aren’t left out in the dust just like when multi-user support rolled out earlier this week.

Although this is a minor upgrade for the Google Home platform, it can make a huge difference for families when considering purchasing this device. We’re happy that Google is adding these features over time, even if we had hoped that Google Assistant supported this out of the box. You may just finally decide to move your Google Home to the kitchen thanks to the inclusion of this feature.

As for me, this means I can ditch my convoluted work around using AutoVoice and Tasker which involved finding a recipe using the RecipePuppy API and then scraping the HTML data from AllRecipes to build a text file with the step-by-step instructions. Yeah, that wasn’t pretty. I’ll just stick with the official feature from now on.

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