Google Home Can Now Be Used as a Regular Bluetooth Speaker

Google Home Can Now Be Used as a Regular Bluetooth Speaker

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Google Home may not be perfect, but it has seen its fair share of updates and new features since its release back in the fall. One of the biggest additions has been multi-user support, and we’re expecting hands-free calling and the ability to send money through Google’s new payment API later this year.

Features like this really expand upon what Google Home is capable of, but one small, basic feature the product has been missing ever since its release is the ability to use it as a plain-old Bluetooth speaker.

Although you can send music and podcasts to the Google Home by casting specific apps to the smart speaker, this is considerably less convenient than simply being able to connect your phone to it via Bluetooth and have your tunes play through Google Home that way.

Finally, after nearly 8 months since its release, Google is allowing you to use the Google Home as a traditional Bluetooth speaker.

We don’t know what it took Google so long to make this feature available, but we’re certainly glad to see it be released. You can still choose to cast audio from your smartphone or tablet if you for some reason prefer digging around for the cast icon on a per app basis, but we think that most folks will gravitate towards the new Bluetooth implementation.

Via: Phandroid