Google Home Now Responds to Chained Commands

Google Home Now Responds to Chained Commands

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The Google Assistant-powered Google Home pretty much does it all. It can give you a weather report and keep you abreast of current events, of course, but it can also broadcast your voice across a room, control smart appliances, manage multiple calendars, and distinguish between different voices. And now, it can juggle more than one of those tasks at the same time.

This week, a crafty redditor discovered that Google Home now recognizes chained commands. They’re not like Google Home’s voice shortcuts; Instead, you can ask things like, “Show the weather forecast and make a new calendar appointment for the office at 6 p.m.”, whereas before, you’d have to split commands into two or more sentences (i.e., “Show the weather forecast,” “Make a new calendar appointment for the office at 6 p.m.”). It’s seamless, and if you use Google Home as often as we do, it’s a welcome improvement.

Unfortunately, though, it’s only working on the Google Home right now. In our testing, the Google Assistant on Android phones and iPhone still exhibits the old behavior: You have to ask one question and wait for the Assistant to process it before asking another. Here’s hoping that chained commands come to more devices in the future.

If anything’s for certain, it’s that despite the competition, Google’s not giving up on Google Home anytime soon. In October, Google announced the Home Mini and the high-end Home Max. The Home Mini is available for $49, and was even included for free with some Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL pre-orders.

Via: /u/ProZsolt