Google Home Can Control Smart Appliances Throughout Your House, Including Dishwashers, Vacuum Cleaners and More

Google Home Can Control Smart Appliances Throughout Your House, Including Dishwashers, Vacuum Cleaners and More

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the connecting of regular household appliances and other, normal objects to the internet and allowing them to all communicate with each other. Google has been pushing this for a while now, even bringing us an Android-based operating system called “Android Things” for IoT devices.

Google is now moving even closer to bringing the Internet of Things to life, recently updating their support pages for smart home devices in relation to the Google Home with extra features that nobody has heard of yet. AndroidPolice contacted Google to investigate, and Google’s answers sheds light on the new features.

Directly Connecting Appliances to Google Home

The first change is a welcome one, allowing users to directly connect their Google Home device to a vast array of devices, rather than the predetermined ones which Google allowed from the beginning such as Nest and Hue.

Samsung and Google have already released a guide on how to connect your Google Home to your Samsung Smart Home devices, in a way that you can use natural language to give your devices a command rather than calling devices specifically by name when referring to them. This means, for example, you can say “Google, what temperature is my fridge?” rather than having to specifically connect to your fridge via an external service.

Scenes with Google Home

Scenes are basically a specific theme to a set of lights in a given room. Philips Hue lights come with many of these through third-party applications, including fire scenes and aurora borealis scenes. Previously these scenes were treated as individual lights, rather than the same lights with different colours. Now it seems you can simply ask your Google Home to activate these scenes, but it’s unclear whether it’s enabling it as a light or as an actual, preset scene.

And that’s really it, but it’s a lot of functionality rolled out at once! The ability to control your whole home with one device with extreme ease is an understated one, even if it seems a bit too futuristic at present.

Source: AndroidPolice

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