Google Home app adds a built-in speed test for your Nest WiFi network

Google Home app adds a built-in speed test for your Nest WiFi network

You can now use the Google Home app to test the connection speed between your devices at home and your Nest Wi-Fi router, making it easier to pinpoint and troubleshoot connectivity-related issues. The feature was initially part of the Google Wifi app, but now Google has added the feature to the Google Home app — which has already absorbed many of the core features of the now-defunct app.

To run a speed test, open up the Google Home app on your smartphone and tap on the Wi-Fi tab, select “Devices,” and from the list, choose the device you want to run the speed test for. On the device page, you’ll see a new “Device speed” section under “Info.” Clicking on the “Check device speed” button initiates the speed test, while the “Check all speeds” buttonwill test both the Internet speed and the connection speed between your device and the Wi-Fi network.


If your Google Nest speaker or other devices are acting up, running a speed test can quickly tell you whether your router or ISP is to blame.

Besides the device speed test feature, the Google Home app is also preparing to add a feature called “ISP access preference,” according to 9to5Google. The feature will allow your ISP to detect if your Wi-Fi network is offline, run speed tests, and change your Wi-Fi settings. When enabled, your ISP will also be able to gather details like your router’s online/offline status, software version and installation history of your router, and so on to help you troubleshoot issues.

The device speed test feature is rolling out with the Google Home app version 2.43.

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