Google Home is Finally Getting Support for Multiple Calendars

Google Home is Finally Getting Support for Multiple Calendars

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Google Home and the Google Assistant have a big advantage for certain features when compared to the competition. This is why so many users were frustrated that Google Home had yet to add support for managing calendars directly with your voice. This has finally changed though as multiple people are now spotting a new Calendar section within the Google application. With it, you can manage which calendars you want supported by the Google Assistant and which calendar you want set as your default.

Some of the more recent application teardowns have revealed that Google had begun work on adding calendar support to the Google Assistant. Features discovered in application teardowns aren’t something that always make it to the public, but they do a great job at letting you know what the developer is working on. As people have been begging for calendar support for Google Assistant, this was great news to hear and made a lot of people wonder how long they would have to wait to receive the feature.

We’re now seeing this new Calendar section at the very bottom of the Google Assistant settings section within the Google application. To access it, you need to launch the Google application, tap the hamburger menu icon at the top left and then tap settings. From here, you’ll see a dedicated Google Assistant section at the top and within this section is another settings option. Tapping the settings option from here gives you a list of features supported and the very last option listed in the services section should be for the calendar.

This page will show you a list of all your currently available calendars and you can simply enable or disable these directly from this application. You also have the ability to select which calendar you want as your default, but it’s not like the feature we just mentioned and it instead lets you choose a different account that has been added to your Android device. Then the last section is for the application to list which other devices your calendars are available on.