Google Home/Google Assistant now gives more details about when it’ll rain

Google Home/Google Assistant now gives more details about when it’ll rain

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I’m sure most of you already use Google Assistant as your personal assistant. It has an ability to talk to you about football, weather, games, and pretty much everything. Artificial intelligence in mobile phones and apps has gotten to the level where they can feed you any type of information in an instant. Want to know how last night’s Champions League game ended? Sure, just ask away. Google Assistant gets more and more informative quite frequently. Just now, it has gained an ability to tell you exactly when it is going to rain.

Screenshots from our own testing

Until now, if you asked Google Assistant if it was going to rain today, it’d answer you with either yes or no. Now, it seems like our favorite AI has learned to scrap more data from the web. It now tell you exactly when it will rain and also if there will be a break in the rain. As it turns out, variations of the command are limited at this moment. Many Reddit users and our own testing confirmed that this feature is available for some people. These rain details are also available on the Google Home, for those who are curious.

I personally think that this is the feature Google Assistant should have had from the beginning. I can say that it’s going to rain by looking up in the sky. If I’m asking an AI-powered mobile assistant about the weather, it should tell me some more details. Nevertheless, I’m glad that Google finally discovered how the forecast was lacking details. Hopefully, some more information will be added to the feature. Or, maybe, Google will discover other commands that assistant answers without any details.

Source: /r/GoogleHome