Google Home is Scheduled to Launch in the UK by June

Google Home is Scheduled to Launch in the UK by June

Google Home might not have impressed everybody when it launched, but it’s still a nice entry product into home assistants for the Mountain View technology giant.

Fans of Google Assistant have been pushing Google to focus on it and natural language technology as much as Amazon has been with their Alexa platform, but we have to remember that Google Home isn’t even widely available right now. Currently, Google Home is only available in the United States. However, that may soon be changing.

Reporters at the BBC spoke with Google representatives at Mobile World Congress this year and they were greeted with some good news for customers who live in the United Kingdom. While a release date or launch price has not yet been set in stone, Google has confirmed with the BBC that Google Home should be available in the UK before the end of June.

This delay isn’t too surprising given the nature of the product. While Amazon’s Alexa platform is good at taking specific commands, Google is trying to make things more conversational with Google Home. Google’s own Rick Osterloh says their goal here is “trying to really understand what people are asking for.” While certainly a difficult task to begin with, Google has a history of launching products first in the United States as a sort of test market for their products, as the U.S. is where the company is based.

Although, Google is a global company so they have a ton of search data to pull from. Still, it seems logical for Google to start small and iron out the kinks before expanding into additional countries with various nuances to the language.

Source: BBC

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