Google Home Max Exhibits Audio Latency With Music Played Through the Aux-in Port

Google Home Max Exhibits Audio Latency With Music Played Through the Aux-in Port

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The Google Home Max, Google’s premium smart home speaker, went on sale earlier this month in the US. And while it’s received rave reviews from critics, it appears to have an audio-related issue that make it a little less than perfect.

According to a report from Variety, the Google Home Max exhibits latency when music’s played through its Aux-in port, or 3.5mm jack. For the uninitiated, the Google Home Max, unlike other Google Home Speakers, features an Aux-in port that pipes audio from external sources such as turntables and tape decks through the Home Max’s speakers via a stereo cable. The issue is that any audio played over said Aux port is delayed by a few milliseconds, resulting in notable latency.

Now, the bug won’t affect folks who stream music to the speaker wirelessly via WiFi or Bluetooth. But for professional users like DJs, even a few milliseconds of audio latency could pose a problem — they can’t correctly match or preview beats while mixing tracks on the Home Max.

Fortunately, Google’s aware of the issue, and confirmed to Variety that it only affects audio sources plugged into the Home Max’s Aux-in port. The company added that music synchronization between two or more Home Max units isn’t affected:

“We’re aware of a slight delay with aux-in. The delay is in regards to how long it takes for the music to start playing, and does not affect synchronization of sound across home devices – which is near perfect for most setups.”

At this point, it’s unclear if Google’s working on a software fix to address the issue, but we’ll keep you informed of new developments.

Source: Variety