Google Home Max is a bigger Google Home that retails for $399

Google Home Max is a bigger Google Home that retails for $399

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Google today has announced a larger version of the Google Home, the Google Home Max alongside the Google Home Mini. Coming with a larger speaker, its designed for competing with the Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod and the Sonos. With greater speakers, it can be the life of the party while also being able to discern an actual speaker from loud noises, such as music.

An incredible introduction by Google is the simplicity of magnets on the back, allowing it to attach to a fridge or any other metal object. This is such a simple addition,  yet it gives more options for storing or placing it.

The Home Max is rocking two 4.5 inch woofers and tweeters covered by a fabric grille, allowing for an ultimate sound experience. With the introduction of Google Smart Sound, it can even tell what room it’s in and calibrate its speakers and microphone for it. Even for the audio it is playing it will dynamically adjust the playback settings for the best overall experience. It can even adjust the audio depending on the ambient noise. If you are making food for example, and the kitchen becomes noisy, it will dynamically increase or decrease the volume to compensate for the noise.

If the speakers aren’t good enough, you can use a 3.5mm jack to output to speakers of your choosing. You can also connect to it via Bluetooth! It supports Google casting too.

And if the deal wasn’t sweet enough yet, for your $399 (which admittedly is a very steep price in comparison to competitors) you will also receive 12 months of YouTube Red, meaning ad free streaming and background playback. If you’re looking for a competitor to something like the Amazon Echo or the Apple HomePod, give the Google Home Max a try. It’s expensive (quite expensive), but it just might be worth it, especially given you’re unlikely to replace it for years.

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