Google Home Max is Now Available in the U.S. for $400

Google Home Max is Now Available in the U.S. for $400

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In October, Google held a press briefing event where it announced Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL, but smartphones weren’t the event’s headliners. There were a rew of things that Google managed to keep under wraps, and one of them Google Home Max, a premium speaker with Google Assistant integration. Starting Monday, it’s available for purchase in the United States.

When Google launched Google Home, a connected smart speaker, last year for $130, it was a hit. But some people wanted it to do more — especially when it came to audio. It wasn’t as far-fetched an idea as it sounded, considering companies such as Sonos built their entire brand on high-quality connected audio experiences.

So the Google Home Max was born. It had a hefty price tag, superior audio quality, and a mystery release date. Google initially pegged December as the release month, and in late November, a leaked Best Buy product listing for the Google Home Max suggested a release date of December 11th. It turned out to be spot on.

So far, only a few retailers are selling the Google Home Max, but you can purchase it right now from either Verizon Wireless or Best Buy. It’s listed on the Google Store. but there’s no way to add it to your cart yet.

Via: Pocketnow