Google Home Max Might be Released on December 11

Google Home Max Might be Released on December 11

There’s no question that Google Home, Google’s machine learning-powered smart speaker, is incredibly useful. Want to know the temperature? Ask the Google Assistant. What about your commute? It can answer you that, too. But it’s always fallen short in the audio department, which is why Google announced a high-end follow-up to the Google Home, the Google Homer Max, at a hardware press event on October 4. It hasn’t been released yet, but mounting evidence suggests that the sale date might not be that far away.

The first clue is 9to5Google’s discovery of a Google Home Max product page on Best Buy’s website with a release date of December 11, 2017, which has since been removed. Corroborating the Best Buy listing, Droid Life found a December 11 reference on the Google Home Max’s Google Store page.

The December 11 date lines up with Google’s official statement, more or less — the search giant previously said that the Google Home Max smart speaker would go on sale in December for $399.

Google Home Max

$399 might sound like a high price to pay for a speaker, but the Google Home Max is packed to the brim with high-quality components. It’s got dual 4.5-inch high-excursion woofers with custom .7-inch tweeters that are up to 20 times louder than the Google Home, and it sports an acoustically transparent fabric that Google says delivers the “ultimate” in audio fidelity. It also has far-field voice controls like the Google Home, and an adaptable design that works in vertical and horizontal orientations.

When the Google Home Max goes on sale, it’ll be available in Charcoal and Chalk colors. The Best Buy listing says that the box includes the Max, a power cable, and a dual orientation base.

Still not convinced the Google Home Max is worth the money? You might be interested in the Google Home Mini, the other smart speaker Google announced on October 4 alongside the Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL. It might not match the Google Home Max’s loudness, but it’s only $49.

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