Google Home Mini now comes in Aqua ahead of Pixel 3 launch

Google Home Mini now comes in Aqua ahead of Pixel 3 launch

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We are exactly one week away from Google’s big Pixel 3 event. We already know we’ll be seeing more than just the phones. It’s likely we’ll see a new Pixelbook, the Google Home Hub, updated Pixel Buds, and maybe more. However, one thing that seems unlikely is a refreshed Google Home Mini. That’s because Google just announced a new Aqua model.

A new color for a device that’s nearly a year old is not terribly exciting by itself, but this color seems to have more meaning. The “Coming Soon” page for the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL shows an outline of a phone in 3 colors. One of the colors looks like the same Aqua color that was just launched on the Google Home Mini.

If that’s not enough, Google describes the color as a “minty blue color that fits perfectly into the Made by Google family.” There are currently no other Google devices in this color. Putting the color aside, this is the same Google Home Mini we’ve had for a while. It has the same fabric covering as the other colors and does all the same Google Assistant things.

It’s nice to have devices like this in a wide range of colors. You can get the Chalk or Charcoal colors if you want the device to blend in and not stand out. The coral and new aqua colors are great if you want something a little more flashy and noticeable. The Aqua color will go on sale for $49 from Google and Walmart later this month. It’s unlikely that this color will be included in the Smart TV Kit bundles.

Source: Google