Multi-User Features on Google Home are Now Heading to the UK

Multi-User Features on Google Home are Now Heading to the UK

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If you live in the UK and share a Google Home with multiple people in your house or flat, things are about to get a whole lot easier. Thanks to a software update that’s rolling out to all Google Home users in the United Kingdom, your Google-made smart speaker will now have multi-user support.

You can have up to 6 people’s Google accounts registered with one Google Home, and with each person linking their own voice profile with the speaker, the Google Assistant is able to tell who’s who when someone is speaking to it.

What sort of benefits does this offer? If Mom has her default music player set to Google Play Music and yours is set to Spotify, Google Home will know which service to use depending on who tells it to play a song. Multi-user support also allows each user to access their own calendar, news briefing, shopping list, etc.

Home users in the United States have had access to these multi-user features since April, and hopefully more countries will be soon to follow now that the UK can finally join in on the fun.

Source: Google