Google Home Will Now Play Music You’ve Purchased or Uploaded to Google Play Music

Google Home Will Now Play Music You’ve Purchased or Uploaded to Google Play Music

Starting today, you can now play music on your Google Home that you’ve either uploaded or purchased through Google Play Music. This is something that’s been noticeably absent from Google Home since its release last October, but a Google support representative has finally confirmed that this feature is now making its way to all Home devices.

You’ll be able to listen to tunes you’ve uploaded or purchased alongside any radio stations and music subscriptions that are linked to your Google Home, and you can specify to Google Home that you want to listen to tracks you’ve purchased/uploaded to Google Play Music by saying, “Ok, Google, play [Song/Artist/Album] from my library.”


If you ask Google Home to play a song without specifying that you want it to come from your library, it will first choose to play that song from any streaming subscriptions that you’re paying for. If it can’t find the song there, it will then search throughout your library for said song.

As great as it is to have this new functionality make its way to Google Home, you don’t have quite as much control over uploaded and purchased songs as you do with streaming content. If you ask Google Home to play music based on an activity, genre, or mood, songs from your purchased/uploaded library won’t be included.

Support for purchased and uploaded songs on Google Play Music is rolling out now to all countries where Google Home is sold.

Source: Google

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