Google Home Preview Program is Quietly Revealed

Google Home Preview Program is Quietly Revealed

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Google enjoys letting the community try out early builds of software they’re working on. The company even called Gmail a beta for years before they said it was officially stable. We have beta and canary version of other products from Google as well, such as Chrome, Chrome OS, Android Studio, and more. Almost one year ago they launched a preview program for Chromecast and now a help page has revealed one is being worked on for Google Home as well.

Just as you would expect, the Google Home Preview Program for those who want to try out early versions of the software for the device. So if you sign up, this means that you can get your hands on new features that have yet to be made to the general public. Some would think this comes with the draw back of having untested and/or beta software on your device. However, Google tells us that this isn’t to be considered beta software at all.

Instead, the Google Home Preview Program should be sending users software that is the same quality as production version updates. You will be receiving these updates “shortly” before the stable update gets pushed out to the rest of the Google Home devices. This has the potential to benefit both Google and Google Home owners for a couple of reasons. Firstly, this gives Google Home customers the ability to try out new features that have yet to reach the broader community.

This also allows those who have decided to participate in the preview program to give feedback on how things are implemented. Whether it be a simple bug report that Google let slip through the cracks, or just a suggestion about one of the new features that they’re working on. To take part in this preview program, you’ll want to dive into the Settings of your Google Home application and tap on the Preview Program option.

Google says if you don’t see the Preview Program option there, then they aren’t accepting any new members to the program at that time.

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