Google Home app may soon let you set a separate volume level for the Google Assistant

Google Home app may soon let you set a separate volume level for the Google Assistant

Google Home and Google Nest devices are more than just smart speakers and displays. They also serve as hubs where you can communicate with the Google Assistant and control your home to have them help you throughout the day. But one longstanding issue with these devices is the fact that the volume for spoken Assistant queries is the same level as other media. This means that if you’re blasting music at full volume, the Google Assistant will also yell at you at the same volume. Equally as annoying is the case when you lower the volume for Assistant only to find yourself unable to hear your music, podcast, or news. Google might be addressing this issue soon with a future update to the Google Home app.


A new setting has started to appear in the Google Home app for iOS devices which allows you to modify the Google Assistant’s volume independently of the device’s media volume. However, the feature doesn’t seem to be fully functional yet: Tweaking it doesn’t seem to have any effect on the Assistant’s loudness as per Android Police, and the setting also resets to the default value after going back to the app’s home screen. Google Home devices will probably need a software update in order for this feature to work. The feature has also not rolled out yet to the Android version of the app.

There is also an “Auto Assistant volume” box that you can toggle on or off, and this one does seem to work, albeit pretty randomly at the moment. This iOS rollout may be accidental since the feature doesn’t seem to be ready for prime time yet. Nonetheless, the (finalized) feature should roll out sooner or later, probably whenever we see it show up in the Android app. Owners of multiple Google Home and Nest devices should definitely keep an eye out this setting.

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