Google expands its hotel solutions system to LEGOLAND hotels

Google expands its hotel solutions system to LEGOLAND hotels

In August last year, Google partnered with several hotels across the US and UK to offer guests a Nest Hub smart display in their rooms. The company also introduced support for new hotel-specific commands to help guests get access to common service requests. Now, Google is expanding its hotel solutions system to LEGOLAND hotels in California and New York.

If you’re planning on visiting the Castle Hotel at the LEGOLAND California Resort or the LEGOLAND Hotel at the LEGOLAND New York resort, you’ll now get access to a Nest Hub smart display in your room. In a blog post on the matter, Google reveals that you’ll be able to do the following things using the Nest Hub in your hotel room:

  • Find help from hotel staff by using commands like “Hey Google, call the front desk” or “Hey Google, bring me fresh towels.” You’ll also be able to check out of your room using a voice command.
  • Play music and videos, or listen to the news, on the Nest Hub.
  • Get park information by using commands like “Hey Google, what time does LEGOLAND open?” or “Hey Google, tell me about the theme park.”
  • Receive recommendations for local restaurants from the hotel’s concierge or ask for activities nearby.
  • Talk to your favorite LEGOLAND characters.
  • Take a YouTube tour of the LEGOLAND theme park.
  • Set LEGO alarms.
  • Check the weather at LEGOLAND.
  • Use the Google Assistant as an interpreter for up to 30 languages.

If you’re worried about privacy, Google reassures that you won’t need to sign into the Nest Hub to make use of the features mentioned above and your activity won’t be liked to your personal account. The company also reveals that the Nest Hub won’t store any audio, and all activities will be automatically wiped from the device when it’s reset for the next guest.

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