Google’s new Identity Services APIs consolidate all its sign-in offerings for third-party apps

Google’s new Identity Services APIs consolidate all its sign-in offerings for third-party apps

Google is consolidating all its sign-in offerings, including “Sign-in with Google” and “One tap,” under one software development kit (SDK). The company recently announced the new family of Identity APIs, called Google Identity Services, for this purpose.

In a blog post, Google highlighted that the new SDK includes the “Sign in with Google” button and One Tap, which use secure tokens instead of passwords to help users sign-in on supported websites and apps. The company claims that the new Google Identity Services APIs will help developers deliver a seamless and convenient sign-in experience without compromising the user’s privacy and security. The company notes:


“With the new Google Identity Services, we’ve combined Google’s industry leading security with the ultimate convenience of easy sign in to deliver an experience that keeps users safe, while facilitating new user acquisition and seamless sign in for returning users.”

As far as the user-facing changes are concerned, Google mentions that the One Tap prompt will now appear in the bottom right corner on desktop versions of supported websites and at the bottom on mobile. As you can see in the attached image, it will include your name, email ID, and a single button to help you quickly sign-in on the website.

Google One Tap sign in prompt

The company is also rolling out an improved “Sign in with Google” button that displays your name and email ID, just like the One Tap button. The button now also has improved UI/UX consistency across the web. Google has also put several measures in place to protect users against vulnerabilities like click-jacking, pixel tracking, etc.

New Sign in with Google buttons

If you wish to try out the new One Tap and Sign in with Google experience, you can head over to Reddit. Google reveals that it has worked closely with the platform to integrate both sign-in options. The company claims that the new sign-in options have helped increase both new user sign up and returning user conversion by almost two times. Pinterest has also implemented Google Identity Services, which has had a positive impact on sign in and sign ups.

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