Google’s new In-App Review API lets developers ask for Play Store reviews without leaving the app

Google’s new In-App Review API lets developers ask for Play Store reviews without leaving the app

In an APK teardown of the Play Store app (v15.9.21) late last year, we learned that Google was working on a way to let users review Play Store apps through an in-app dialog. This new feature will help users rate an app without the need to head over to the app’s Play Store listing. Google has now launched the In-App Review API, which will allow developers to add the in-app review dialog to their apps.

According to a recent blog post from the company, the new API will let developers add an in-app review dialog to their app and choose when they wish to prompt users to write reviews. The API, which is part of the Play Core Library, supports both public and private reviews. As you can see in the attached image, the API will allow developers to show a dialog that will let users easily leave a star rating for any app, without leaving the app.


Google In-App Review API

Once a user selects a rating, the dialog will give them the option to leave a written review before the rating is submitted. To ensure that the in-app review process is seamless for users, Google has highlighted four steps for the API integration for developers:

  1. Define the conditions and best place to ask for a review
  2. Request the review flow to the API
  3. Launch the review at an appropriate moment
  4. Continue the flow after the review is completed

Google adds that the API has been designed to be self-contained and it doesn’t require additional prompting, to ensure user feedback is unbiased. Furthermore, the company has placed cap limits on the in-app reviews, so that users aren’t prompted excessively if they choose not to leave a review.

Source: Android Developers Blog

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