Google still plans to work on Inbox alongside major Gmail revamp

Google still plans to work on Inbox alongside major Gmail revamp

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Gmail has been the subject of leaked redesigns and rumored features in the last few weeks. However, Google’s other email app, Google Inbox, has been notably absent from updates. This has led a lot of people to believe that Inbox will soon get the ‘ol Google axe. Google has laid those concerns to rest, at least for the time being.

A Google spokesperson had this to say about Inbox:

“With respect to the upcoming Gmail announcement, there are no changes to Inbox by Gmail. It remains a great product for users with specific workflows and one in which we test innovative features for email.”

Not exactly the ringing endorsement Inbox users were looking for, but it does at least confirm the app isn’t on life support. The last line about testing features is a telling one. Many have suspected that Inbox is a testing ground for wider rollout features. Inbox’s most notable feature, email snoozing, will soon be coming to Gmail. It certainly seems likely that Inbox and Gmail will slowly merge until there’s no point in both existing.

Inbox is nowhere near as popular as Google’s near-ubiquitous Gmail app. Diehard Inbox users don’t want to hear that another favorite Google app could be discontinued. With the recent news of Allo development being put on hold after less than 2 years, anything is possible. Inbox has been around for 3 years. Do you use the Google Inbox app?

Source: Computerworld