Going to miss Google Inbox? Inboxit lets you share content to your email!

Going to miss Google Inbox? Inboxit lets you share content to your email!

After placing the “Inbox is signing off” banner on the official google.com/inbox webpage, Google announced that Inbox services will come to an end in March 2019. The recently improved Gmail will be their only email app and it sports new Inbox-like features like Snooze, Nudge, Smart Reply, and more.

Knowing that using Inbox would be impractical at this point due to the impending cut-off, XDA Senior Member SagiLo developed an application titled “Inboxit.” The app brings Inbox’s “Save to Inbox” to any email app.

SagiLo, just like almost all of us heavy users of Inbox, found themselves in the habit of using the “Save to Inbox” feature in order to save things to one place. The fact that there is not a single decent alternative to the “Save to Inbox” feature motivated SagiLo to develop a standalone application of their own.

Inboxit lets users send articles, websites, and media like images and videos, to their email inbox. In addition, due to the fact that the demise of Inbox and the probable demise of the “Save to Inbox” feature might also mean the demise of the “Reminders” feature, Inboxit lets users create “Reminders” using a shortcut (one which lets users add extra information as well).

Although there is a Premium unlock-able feature that lets users change the custom recipient, change the subject prefix of the email, and append Gmail labels, the developer Sagi Lowenhardt is pretty generous and is ready to send a Promo Code to anyone that messages them on XDA for the first month.

The developer posted a walk-through of the application on YouTube as well, and the video is embedded below for those interested. In addition, in order to know more about the application and what the developer has to say, head over to the forum thread below.

InboxIt - Share to mail
InboxIt - Share to mail

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