Google Inbox Given Small Visual Update

Google Inbox Given Small Visual Update

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Not too long ago, Google launched an invite-only beta program for its new Email client, Inbox by Gmail. This new service has already gotten to be quite popular in just a few weeks, and many of us are seeing a stream of invitation requests on our G+ and Facebook news feeds. And now that users are routinely receiving three invites every few days, the community is ever expanding.

After a week of extensive testing, Google decided that it’s time to tweak its mobile application a little by making the Material Design UI a more consistent. Of course, this update isn’t quite the ‘Pimp My App – Google Edition’ that we’ve seen recently in other Google Apps, but one thing is worth being noted: If you are running Android 5.0 Lollipop, the color of your status bar will automatically change to fit the action bar color. This feature is also available in some custom ROMs like AOSPA. Speaking of the action bar, it will now also be covered by the slide-out navigation menu. This simply looks better than leaving it untouched.

There is one additional interesting feature. You can easily switch between your accounts by swiping through left to right. Google surely fixed some things related to app’s stability and overall performance as well, but there is no official changelog, so it’s hard to tell what else has been fixed.

You can download the application by visiting this Inbox Mirror link. Note that you still need an invitation from Google to actually use the app, so if you don’t have one ask your friends or forum contacts.

Edit: And while we’re on the topic of updates, Google Play Services has also received a minor (bugfix) update to 6.1.88 that can be found in the Google Play Services repository thread.

[Thanks to XDA Portal Supporter MihirGossai for the APK!]