Seven Years Later, Google Instant is Shutting Down

Seven Years Later, Google Instant is Shutting Down

Back in 2010 with Marissa Mayer at the helm of Google Search Products and User Experience, she decided to launch a feature called Google Instant for Android. This is a feature that would instantly give you search results as you typed in a Google search box, allowing you to preview queries in real time. It was definitely jarring at first, but the company says the goal was to deliver information to you as quickly as you could search for it. Since they were returning search results with each new letter, it was as if the search results were being narrowed down until you typed everything you wanted to.

Since then though, Google has seen a major shift in how people are using their services. The company has started seeing more people using mobile devices so they quickly shifted to a mobile-first strategy. Granted, they did launch Google Instant on mobile as well, but the feature itself can load a dozen or so search results by the time you finish typing what you want. This eats up processing power on mobile devices, which uses more battery life, and uses up mobile data as well.

We launched Google Instant back in 2010 with the goal to provide users with the information they need as quickly as possible, even as they typed their searches on desktop devices. Since then, many more of our searches happen on mobile, with very different input and interaction and screen constraints. With this in mind, we have decided to remove Google Instant, so we can focus on ways to make Search even faster and more fluid on all devices. – Google Spokesman

With projects like Android Go, it’s clear that Google wants to deliver their services quickly to people no matter how low-end their device. So starting yesterday, the company has decided to kill off Google Instant. So while they didn’t mind the feature being implemented when the majority of their web searches came from a PC with more power and a bigger battery, they are trying to help improve the user experience for all mobile users around the world.

It makes sense for a mobile-first company to shift away from Google Instant as a feature for its web search engine. The company says they are continuing to focus on ways to make Google search even faster and more fluid no matter what type of device you are using.

Source: Search Engine Land

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