Google Introduces Customizable ‘Live Cases’ for Nexus Phones

Google Introduces Customizable ‘Live Cases’ for Nexus Phones

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Surprise! Two years after the rumors of Google implementing its own version of Motorola’s Moto Maker surfaced, Google has finally lifted the veil on the case-maker tool now dubbed ‘Live Case.’ The service itself is not new, however, previously it was only available for the Nexus 6 and was for some reason only aimed towards fans of Skrillex. Now, however, Google has expanded the service to be available for the Nexus 5X, 6, and 6P and you can create a snap case for your device with your favorite photo (‘Photos Live Case’) or a stylized portion of Google Maps (‘Places Live Case’). You can also apply various filters to the photo to customize it to your liking before finalizing the case, and you can also download a live wallpaper version of your finalized case design to compliment your new purchase.


The case currently costs $35, which sounds a lot for a case but Google has also thrown in a programmable shortcut button on the case to allow you to quickly launch an app of your choice (set via the ‘My Live Case’ app). Note that you will need to have NFC enabled for the case to interact with your phone, as it uses the technology to transmit the wallpaper as well as any button presses you make.

Will you be purchasing one of these cases? If so, share your design with us below!

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