Google Introduces the #myAndroid Taste Test to Build your Homescreen. Share your results with XDA!

Google Introduces the #myAndroid Taste Test to Build your Homescreen. Share your results with XDA!

One of the main reasons why many people love Android over iOS is the extensive customizability of the UI. Through custom launchers, icon packs, wallpapers, and more you can personalize your device according to your taste.

Some people, though, find the abundance of choice to be simply overwhelming. If you’re one of those people, then Google’s new #myAndroid Taste Test is for you. This is a new webpage that employs a series of questions in a quiz that will help tailor your homescreen according to your answers. The quiz takes no more than a few minutes to answer, and most of the questions only require you to pick between two options.

The options are pictures or animated GIFs to make it easy to visualize the kind of theme you’re more partial towards, and the questions range from choosing between a vibrant versus muted picture, light versus dark picture, patterned versus random, and even some odd questions such as deciding whether or not a picture is showing two hot dogs or a pair of legs.

After completing the quiz, you are given three different homescreen options to select from. These consist of a wallpaper, a launcher, widgets, and an icon pack that you can download from the Google Play Store, based on the algorithm’s recommendations. The recommendations are not restricted to only Google’s offerings, and can include seemingly any third-party option from the Play Store (albeit we suspect that the list of third-party apps that can be recommended is curated by Googlers).

If you are unsatisfied with your options, you can take the test again to generate some more recommendations. If you’re happy with how your new homescreen looks, then you can share your results for others to see! Google provides a link to the results page that you can share with other users, so they can quickly download the same items without you having to link them yourself.

Take the #myAndroid Taste Test for yourself here and share your custom homescreen setup by either pasting a link to your results or linking screenshots in the comments below!

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