What are your expectations for Google I/O?

What are your expectations for Google I/O?

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Happy Google I/O Eve!

The 11th annual Google I/O developer conference kicks off tomorrow in Mountain View. This is one of the biggest events of the year for Android developers and enthusiasts. We will be at the event to cover all the big announcements. Google has already announced new Android Auto features and the JBL LINK BAR before the event, but we’re anticipating much more.

Android P will definitely be a topic of much discussion. The first developer preview was released exactly 2 months ago. We’ve gone over all the changes in detail, but we expect to see even more goodies at I/O. Prepare to hear about display notches and gestures.

Google Home and Assistant should also be a big area of focus. Last year, Google made a big push to get more Home devices in, well, homes. Assistant has continued to improve. Some people think Amazon Alexa is still better, so there is room for improvement. We don’t expect to see any new Google Home hardware until later this year.

It wouldn’t be a Google event without talking about artificial intelligence and machine learning. You can bet we’ll hear more about how Google is using this technology to improve more apps and services. Products like Google Lens should continue to get smarter.

A Material Design refresh has been popping up in rumors in the last few weeks. We’ve already seen changes to how Chrome looks and the major Gmail redesign. Even Android P has a lot of big design changes. We don’t know if Google will formally announce a successor to Material Design but expect to see more changes.

What are your expectations for Google I/O this year? What are you really excited to hear more about? Is there anything that hasn’t been rumored that you’re hoping makes an appearance? Share your thoughts on Google’s big show in the comments below!