Google is Investigating an Audio Issue with some Pixel and Pixel XLs

Google is Investigating an Audio Issue with some Pixel and Pixel XLs

While most reviewers feel the Google Pixel and Pixel XL devices are among the best Android smartphones you can buy right now, some users have been experiencing a fair bit of issues with their new smartphone.

We were first made aware of a lens flare/halo issue that people are having with the camera. Google acknowledged this issue and is currently working to fix it. It’s unclear if they will be able to eliminate the issue entirely, but a recent update did appear to soften the halo effect.

But then another strange bug appeared that caused the screen to go pink within the camera viewfinder. The bug would freeze the device and force the person to reboot their phone if they wanted to temporarily fix it. Although this one appeared to be far less widespread, it was happening to enough people that Google acknowledged it on their product forums and is investigating it as well. We haven’t had an update on this issue since December 5th, but we are told they are continuing to look into the issue.

This time, a few users are reporting that their Google Pixel device is starting to have audio popping and cracking. A thread was started in the Google Product Forums about this bug toward the end of October, and Google officially responded to it about a week into November. There were enough people having this issue that it warranted some attention, and at the time Google started to request bug reports from those who were having the issue.

This audio issue picked up some steam this week when a thread about the bug hit the front page of /r/Android. A day later, the same Pixel Community Manager who responded in November gave us an update on the issue. They thanked everyone for their bug reports and examples, and then re-iterated that the team is aware of the issue. Furthermore, Google is currently investigating the issue and the company will keep consumers up to date when new information is available.

Source: Google Product Forums

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