Google is Offering “Loyal Nexus Owners” 20% Off the Pixel 2/2XL

Google is Offering “Loyal Nexus Owners” 20% Off the Pixel 2/2XL

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For smartphone manufacturers, one of the advantages of launching a device toward the end of the year is that it gets an uplift from the holiday shopping season. However, it can get lost in the fray during conventions like the Consumer Electronics Show in January and Mobile World Congress in February. One way some companies combat the post-holiday dip is by offering promotions or putting the phone on sale, which is what Google looks to be doing with the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. Some “loyal Nexus owners” are receiving emails offering 20% off the purchase of either of Google’s latest Pixel smartphones.

The email mentions “loyal Nexus owners”, but doesn’t lay out the criteria for who qualifies. It could be targeted at customers in specific countries, or Google might just be sending the email to random people who have purchased at least one Nexus device in the past.

It looks like Google is trying to entice those who have previously purchased a Nexus smartphone and/or tablet into buying a Pixel 2 or a Pixel 2 XL. It’s an interesting tactic — if the XDA forums are any indication, Nexus owners tend to be enthusiasts, and Google stands to generate lots of sales with this offer. One of the complaints we continue to hear about the new Pixel phones is that they’re too expensive (especially in some markets around the world), so offering 20% off the retail price could end up putting the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL into buying range for a lot of people.

Keep your eye on your inbox to see if you end up receiving one of these emails. If Google’s promotion doesn’t float your boat, though, Best Buy and Verizon are offering $400 off the Pixel 2 XL today only. Customers who sign up for a 20-month installment plan (18.74 per month for 64GB, $22.91 per month for 128GB) get $300 in bill credits and $100 in Best Buy instant savings.

Source: /u/bukithd (on Reddit)