Google is Optimizing Chrome OS for use on Tablets

Google is Optimizing Chrome OS for use on Tablets

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Google announced a couple of education-focused Chromebooks this week with one being called the Acer Chromebook Spin 11 and the other being the ASUS Chromebook Flip C213. Both of these Chromebooks are 2-in-1 convertible style devices so they can both be used in notebook or tablet form.

They were actually created with modular components in mind so that they can be repaired much more easily. This was key since they’ll be used in classrooms where kids can sometimes end up damaging certain pieces of it.

We’ve seen this trend of more Chromebooks integrating a touch screen display on their device. This is thanks to the touch UI that Google has been working on within Chrome OS and it is incredibly useful when you think that Android applications are built with a touch UI in mind. Since all Chromebooks launched this year and going forward will be able to install Android applications from the Play Store, this is just one of the many steps that Google is taking to expand the market for its customers.

Not everyone likes to use a 2-in-1 as a tablet though since it adds bulk to the device when that isn’t really necessary (as we’ve seen in the tablet market). So again, Google has been working on the touch UI so that the experience is better with Chrome OS. We’ve seen this change in the new Samsung Chromebook Pro because of how much bigger the icons in the task bar are. This isn’t a big deal when people interacted with Chrome OS with a mouse and keyboard.

Google’s director of product for Android and Chrome for education and enterprise, Rajen Sheth, held a conference call this week for the launch of the two new education Chromebooks. During that call Mr. Sheth did talk about these two new Chromebooks, but he also spoke about the future of Chrome OS. He’s proud of the work Google has put into the touch UI of Chrome OS and says it will open up the possibilities for OEMs to launch products in a wider variety of form factors. Saying we can “expect everything from detachables to tablets based on Chrome OS down the line.”

Source: The Verge