Google Is Working On A Chromebook Emulator to Test Android Apps on Large Screens

Google Is Working On A Chromebook Emulator to Test Android Apps on Large Screens

Google is working on an emulator that will allow developers to test their applications on large screens without an actual Chrome OS device. This plan was announced during Google I/O 2017.

Chromebooks are not as popular as Google would like them to be outside of education. Most developers focus on app development for phones and tablets but Google wants to change that lack of attention by giving them special tools. It’s some sort of encouragement to start optimizing apps for the new platform.

Most applications will already work on large screens. Nevertheless, Google would like to encourage developers to optimize the applications for a the better experience. Developers should move to API level 24 or later for their apps to take advantage of the latest windowing features.


Chromebooks are not the only Android/Chrome OS devices with larger screens. We have to mention the likes of Lenovo Yoga Book or Samsung DeX for the Galaxy S8 and S8+. With windowed apps on tablets, Android is seeing a lot more multi-tasking capabilities on bigger screens.


The emulator is expected to enter the development stage soon. It’s still in beta and under “heavy development”, but developers can already sign-up for early access. If you would like to participate, please use this link or scan the QR code above.

Source: 9to5 Google

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