Google’s Nest smartwatch app is no longer available for Wear OS or watchOS

Google’s Nest smartwatch app is no longer available for Wear OS or watchOS

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Recently, we’ve seen Google begin to take more control over the Nest branding. They launched the Google Nest Hub Max, renamed the Home Hub to “Nest Hub,” and turned into a glorified splash page for the Google Store. Now, Google is killing the Nest app for Wear OS and Apple watchOS.

The Nest app for smartwatches was used to, unsurprisingly, control devices from your wrist. You could set the temperature of the thermostat, change the mode, and more. It seems like a pretty valuable piece of the ecosystem, but apparently, Google doesn’t see it that way. The most recent update displays “Nest is no longer supported for Wear OS. Go to the Play Store to uninstall the app” when you open it. I was able to confirm this on my TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE.

Google has removed all mentions of the watch app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Without the Nest app, users will be forced to use Google Assistant to control the devices from their watches. Google has evolved the Home app to be a hub for controlling smart devices, but it does not currently have a watch companion app. Ideally, that would be the solution for smartwatch owners.

Moves like this only add fuel to the claims that Google doesn’t care about Wear OS. It does seem odd to remove the only app for controlling Next products from your wrist. Did you use this app on your Wear OS watch? What will you do now?

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