Google Launches A.I. Experiments to Showcase Machine Learning Projects

Google Launches A.I. Experiments to Showcase Machine Learning Projects

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Diving into something like coding can be a daunting task at first, but having small projects made for specific tasks can help ease someone into making something of their own. Google recognizes this and they launched a website to showcase Android Experiments just last year. We’ve watched as Google has integrated their machine learning technology into a number of their services, and now they want to help others do the same.

Yesterday, Google announced a new website called A.I. Experiments that will function very similarly to how the Android Experiments website works. So, if you’ve ever wanted to tinker with machine learning, but felt intimidated by the process, you can look at individual projects and see how they utilize the technology. They already have a number of projects up right now that show things like visualizing bird sounds, a game that will let the computer guess what you’re drawing, an app that takes things it sees and turns them into lyrics of a song, and more.

Each of these projects have an introductory video to give you a demo showing you what it does. Then, at the top right there’s a button for launching the experiment (so you can test it out right now) along with a button that takes you to the GitHub page. So you can grab this open source code and start looking through exactly how these developers pulled it off. You can then see what resources they used and start to implement this technology into a project of your own.

It’s a very exciting time to be a developer these days and we’re seeing this machine learning technology used in all sorts of areas like language, music, nature, and more. Google is finding more ways to use A.I. and neural networks to improve their services, and it’s only going to get more impressive as time goes by.

Source: Google Developers Blog