Google Launches a New Issue Tracker, Used for Android and the GCP

Google Launches a New Issue Tracker, Used for Android and the GCP

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Exactly one month ago, Google announced they had just launched a new Issue Tracker project for their Google Cloud Platform products. Until now, if you wanted to submit a bug about a Google product then you were pointed at a URL. For Android, this would be the AOSP Issue Tracker and it would be the Chromium Issue Tracker for Chrome. This worked fine for a while, but even this issue tracker had some bugs and it just looked like a dated system.

A the time of this announcement, Google had just talked about this new issue tracker being used to allow for better collaboration between you and the Google Cloud Platform product teams. There wasn’t any mention of it being used for Android at all in the original blog post from March 3rd. However, it looks as if Google is starting to use this new system for the Android as well. So we’re currently seeing this new issue tracker being broken up into two sections.

The first is for the Google Cloud Platform, and you can view the child components for this section right here (which are categories essentially). This section will allow you to view, comment on, and submit bugs for the Google Cloud Platform itself, Cobalt, Firebase, G Suite Developers, Google Analytics, Google Cast SDK and many many more. It’s not very intuitive to navigate through these, but if you click on one and then click on the Recent Issues link then you’ll find the open bugs.

Alternatively, there’s a category for Android as well, and this section can be accessed right here. You can see there has been a lot of bugs reported and requests made for the Android O developer preview. These are tagged and can be found right here. There’s more submissions here than just for Android O though, and they can be found (untagged) in the regular Android Public Tracker that I linked at the start of this paragraph.

So what do you think of the new system? Do you like that it looks so similar to Gmail or would you have rather seen a Material Design look to it?

Via: Android Police Source: Google