Google Launches Website for Android’s Enterprise Presence

Google Launches Website for Android’s Enterprise Presence

We already know how flexible Android is, mainly because the base platform is open source. This means it can be adapted for a wide number of different use cases and one of those is how Android is used in businesses. Not many people understand the type of impact Android can have in the enterprise, and this is why Google has decided to launch its new Android Enterprise website. It can be found at, and it showcases how Android can be used in the work environment.

Google has been working to get Android used in more companies with its Android for Work solution. This has been enhanced and improved over time, but Google has been working to improve Android even more for enterprise use. Along with highlighting this solution, the new Android Enterprise website also mentions devices that are built for specific purpose within company use case scenarios. They feature a couple of tablets (like the Pixel C), but also talk about how the Symbol Zebra TC75, Honewell CT50, and the CAT S60 can be used in the field.

Google then goes onto talk about specific areas where Android is currently being used, and the benefits that it has. The three areas they highlight are Retail, Healthcare and Manufacturing. For retail, Android can provide PoS systems, interactive catalogs, and proximity-based beacons for delivering relevant information or even personalized content. In Healthcare, patients can use Android to check-in and learn about procedures and post-surgery care, while clinicians can use Android for on-campus communications, scanning supplies and accessing other applications.

Manufacturing is full of purpose-built products and Android has been known to enhance this as well. Google talks about manufacturers using Android to optimize workflow, gather immediate information from the production floor, and create an agile work environment that enables informed, real-time decision making. They feel Android can save a manufacturer money by using phones, tablets, customized devices and sensors to extract and analyze a ton of data.

So be sure to check out Google’s new Android Enterprise landing page if you’re curious.

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