Google Lens Rolling out an Integration with Google Keep

Google Lens Rolling out an Integration with Google Keep

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Google Lens was first debuted at Google I/O 2017 and it is an artificial intelligence which can identify objects through your smartphone’s camera using Google’s Machine Learning technologies. It is the spiritual successor to Google Goggles, which returned search results relevant to the object you took a photo of. The rollout of Google Lens has begun, not long after we discovered it how to enable it ourselves, and with it, integration with Google’s other applications is being added. Now you can save your Google Lens photos to Google Keep, as Reddit user Dr_CSS has discovered. What’s more, Google can remember an image for you to come back to later.

As can be seen above, when Google doesn’t recognize the image it can be told to remember it for later, then later on you can ask about it. It also seems you can even attach a message to the image, as shown in the screenshots above. With a slightly different angle on the same image, Google recognizes it as handwriting and offers to remember it for later, import the image into Google Keep, or share the image to other forms of social media. Google Keep is Google’s cross-platform, cloud-based note-taking application. This marks the beginning of Google integrating their suite of applications together.

Some people still don’t have Google Lens yet, but those who do can see the various cool uses for it. It is still slowly rolling out, and hopefully will have even more new features added to it. We hope to see more intertwining Google app integration, and we’ll let you know if we see any more new features. We’ll also let you know if we figure out a way to enable Google Lens in Google Assistant for all users, just as we have done with Google Lens in Google Photos!

Let us know in the comments if you have Google Lens and what you’ve been using it for!