Google Lens Now Rolling Out to the Original Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

Google Lens Now Rolling Out to the Original Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL

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Google Lens is one of the most interesting and outstanding exclusive features of the Google Pixel 2 and the Google Pixel 2 XL. First showcased at Google I/O 2017, it revives the original concept of Google Goggles and improves it significantly, taking advantage of ARCore and the Google Photos app to accurately guess and identify objects with your camera. The best part? As it uses ARCore it can accurately detect objects without any additional hardware or software, using your phone’s existing hardware and the Google Photos app. A working beta is shipping with the Google Pixel 2 lineup, and now it seems like that same Google Lens beta is also making its way to the original Google Pixels.

It was initially reported on /r/Android that Google Lens is now working inside the Google Photos application for some Pixel and Pixel XL owners, without previously requiring to update the app on Google Play or toggling anything inside it. And indeed, it seems like the feature is rolling out to Pixel and Pixel XL owners through a server-side update, so there’s no way to enforce it to appear on your device.

Just like Google Assistant initially, Google wants to make Lens a Pixel-exclusive thing – at least until it’s ready for primetime. And while we’ve previously found workarounds for using Lens on any device, those keep being patched as they appear, making things clear that they want to keep Google Lens Pixel-only right now. Google Lens will eventually roll out to third-party Android phones but since it’s still in a preview/beta state it makes sense for Google to keep it for a considerably reduced group.

If you have a Google Pixel or a Google Pixel XL, head over to Google Photos to see if Lens has been enabled for you. There are multiple variants to consider for Google’s server-side rollouts, one of them being app version, so make sure your app is up to date as well.

Source: /r/Android