Google Lens tests a new Education mode for solving math problems and a new Places mode to look up buildings

Google Lens tests a new Education mode for solving math problems and a new Places mode to look up buildings

Earlier this year in March, an APK teardown of the Google App v11.3.7.29 revealed two unreleased features — Offline Translations and an Education Mode for Google Lens. At the time, we managed to briefly surface the Education mode and learned that the mode would allow users to solve math problems by pointing the camera at an equation. However, we weren’t able to see the mode in action in the previous release. Google recently started rolling out version of the Google App and our Editor-in-Chief, Mishaal Rahman, has now successfully managed to enable the Education mode.

As you can see in the screenshots below, the new Education mode in Google Lens allows you to easily solve math problems by simply pointing your smartphone’s camera at the equation. The feature works pretty much like the Microsoft Math Solver or the Photomath app, making use of Google’s AI to identify the equation and then subsequently deliver a result.


Unlike the other two apps, however, the feature also brings up related search results to help users understand how it reached the solution. It’s worth noting that we aren’t completely sure of the new Education mode’s capabilities and whether it will be able to solve complex equations like Math Solver and Photomath.

Additionally, Mishaal also managed to surface another upcoming Google Lens mode called Places that will help users recognize famous landmarks in a similar fashion. While we weren’t able to properly test the Places mode due to the current travel limitations, we tried using it with some images of famous buildings from Google Images.

As of now, the feature doesn’t work with images of landmarks but that might change by the time it’s officially released. Speaking of which, we currently don’t have any information from Google regarding these new modes or when they will be released to the public.

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