Google Maps in Android Auto is now optimized for right-hand drive vehicles

Google Maps in Android Auto is now optimized for right-hand drive vehicles

Google Maps on Android Auto is finally addressing a longstanding quirk that always rubbed the right-hand drive vehicles the wrong way.

If you live in a country that uses the right-hand drive with left-hand traffic, Google Maps’ Android Auto interface will now provide optimal orientation by placing the navigation bar and other key controls to the right side (via 9to5Google). Users driving right-hand vehicles have always struggled to reach buttons on their Android Auto infotainment systems due to the Google Maps UI being skewed to the left-hand vehicles. However, this is finally being addressed.


“Users across the world using Android Auto in their vehicles will now see the user interface orient itself optimally, in layout and language, depending on whether you drive a left-hand drive vehicle or right-hand drive vehicle. Worry no more about struggling to use hard-to-reach buttons,” writes Google in a new support document.

This change will benefit a number of countries where the driver sits on the right, with traffic moving on the left side. These countries include India, Japan, Australia, the UK, Indonesia, Ireland, and several others.

Google says Maps will automatically switch the UI depending on the vehicle. A manual option to choose the display orientation is also coming soon. On top of optimizing the UI, Google says it has also fixed some issues related to right-to-left languages for Google Maps in Android Auto.

Android Auto recently picked up several new features and improvements. These include new personalized recommendations for music, news, and podcasts from Google Assistant, new HTML5 minigames with GameSnacks integration, and support for Android’s work profile feature. Meanwhile, Waze on Android Auto has also received a big redesign, adding lane guidance, touchpad support, and dark mode support. In addition, it now also puts more prominence on the map and directions, so you don’t get distracted by other UI elements.

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