Google Maps rolls out AR navigation for all, adds new Timeline sharing features and reservations tab

Google Maps rolls out AR navigation for all, adds new Timeline sharing features and reservations tab

Google Maps is one of the company’s core services with its Android application being downloaded over 5 billion times. For it to stay ahead, engineers have rolled out a number of QoL improvements as well as major feature requests throughout the years. Today, Google has announced a handful of new features for its Google Maps app users. This includes the highly popular augmented reality navigation for non-Pixel Android smartphones, a tab specifically for your reservations, a way to share your Timeline, and more.

Google has a number of ways to organize travel reservation data that has been sent to your email address. Now, these reservations are getting their own tab in the Google Maps app. You’ll find this tab in the Your Places section (which is accessed from the left navigation menu. From here you can see details of your trip including all of your flight information as well as your hotel bookings.


Another new feature is actually not very new as there were a number of reports of select local guides for Google Maps being invited to test out the feature. Then, the company formally announced this new AR navigation feature at Google I/O earlier this year, but still limited its access to Pixel smartphones. The feature is currently known as Live View and is being made available (as a beta test) to Android and iOS devices that support ARCore and ARKit this week.

The new features are stopping here though with food being the subject of the next new feature. Google wants to help you find a meal that best suits your taste and it wants to do this with a new feature called Your Match. It will use data based on the other restaurants you like, the setting/mood of the location, and other niche specialties (good beer selection, wine selection, etc.). You’re now able to see the average wait times during certain times of the day and even make a reservation without leaving the app.

Last up we have a Google Maps Timeline feature that fans have been asking for: a way to share your timeline with others. Once you have selected a Timeline of places, you can then go in and select only the locations you want to actively share with someone else. Once the new list of locations has been created, you’re then able to share them with people across the web privately, to a select group, or to the public.

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